Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Real Scientists

My husband always complains about how scientists are depicted in the movies.  And for good reason. Whenever we see scientists in films, in the very rare times that we watch, we both end up hysterical - which is not necessarily a good thing. Oh, the stereotyping is really killing us! Scientists are depicted as either bald or with wiry hair like Einstein, with glasses and thick brows, and you know they're up to no good with that fuming flask of green goo. There they are, hunched over the lab bench in their pristine lab coats, and when they're not poring over their notebooks, they're punishing your ears with their maniacal laughs.  Here's a list of mad scientists in movies to prove my point. The scientists range from awkward 'Doc' Emmett Brown to, of course, Dr. Frankenstein.  

Now, let me open your eyes.  Here's what scientists really look like. Wasn't that nice? Don't you wish you were one? Especially marine scientists, in my opinion. Also, if you're a scientist, you can submit your mug to this website too. Er, as long as you don't post one with you in your lab coat and with a flask of goo. Feel free to pass on so we can change the views of Hollyweird. If seventh graders can change their perception, surely adults can too.  

Cave Diving - Courtesy of National Geograhic Society

How about flipping sides? If chemists were to make the movies, or at least do remakes, they've already got their eyes on which. Some of them will be so worth the popcorn in my book. How do I sign up for Netflix again?  


  1. Thanks Jemy! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll wait for your picture in that website. ;p