Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Great Pumpkin miracle

Whoever said that there is no Great Pumpkin is wrong. BUT, Charlie Brown is kind of wrong too.  The Great Pumpkin doesn't give out toys... it saves other pumpkins from being carved on halloween, of course! 

October 29, 2012 - This day will go down as the day the Great Pumpkin waved it's wand, and captured the heart of my 2 year old. Two days before, we went to Butler's Orchard in Maryland to celebrate the last day of the Pumpkin Festival. We had family fun day with their hayrides, giant slides, etc... but the best part was pumpkinland, the pumpkin patch where you can pick the One... or two or three pumpkins that spoke best to you... or your two year old.  

We had a great time and came home with 2 pumpkins - one is a peanut pumpkin to make delicious pie with, and a small-ish pumpkin to carve for halloween.  As you can see, we had great plans for these pumpkins! What's more, with Frankenstorm Sandy threatening to keep us indoors for a few days, carving the 2nd pumpkin and roasting the seeds were going to be the fun activity that was to highlight our cozy time together at home.  My husband and I could picture it, could smell it too: roasted seeds, pumpkin pie, and a simply carved and lit toothed pumpkin smiling back at us. 

Alas, this was not meant to be. All was going well, and my daughter really liked it when my husband drew a face on the pumpkin that we would carve out later.  I could just hear what's going on in her mind - "You can draw on pumpkins?!  Awesome!"  Off she ran to her art table to grab some markers and began to scribble squiggly lines here and there. She had a blast. But the minute that my husband took a knife to the pumpkin, we heard a gut wrenching "Noooooooo!!!!" A few minutes later, we tried a smaller knife, and was still greeted by a fierce cry, howling even stronger than storm Sandy.

Well, friends, our daughter was enamored with her pumpkins.  After that, she began hugging BOTH pumpkins, saying "I love you, pumpkin" and kissing them. Oy vey. The pumpkins live to see another day to tell their story - even a few weeks perhaps, but hopefully not another halloween. Yikes. And that's how the Great Pumpkin save the hearts (and seeds) of 2 mighty pumpkins who captured the love of a two year old. 

A different fairy tale - she's kissing a pumpkin instead of a frog
And instead of a full face, this one gets lots and lots of eyebrows

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  1. I love this blog! Tamar saved the pumpkin and ended Halloween!