Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My firecracker turns 6!

This was commissioned to mark her extraordinary
and uber funny imagination at 5 yo!

The big girl is 6 today, September 28. Everyone tells you that time will fly when your kids are young and you better embrace every minute of it. I want to believe that I did, and that I am still doing that. We've traveled together to Sesame Street, Neverland, to the Death Star and back. We've been in and out of black holes, and from inside a cake to inside the body on a magic school bus.

Every conversation with this girl is punctuated with "whys" and "hows". And I will never tire of answering her questions, or at least try the best I can; she can be very persistent! The years have been wonderful so far, and we can't wait for this next chapter as she starts kindergarten. My wish is that her curiosity will not be tempered, and that we can continue to nurture her imagination. 

Cheers to you, my dear!


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