Friday, February 10, 2012

The perks of working at home

As a semi-social creature, I cannot imagine working at home all the time.  BUT, I have to admit that there definitely are perks. With 2 hours of commute + morning rush preparation out of the schedule,  I can allocate my time to something else... like some kitchen synthesis.

My parents sent me a bottle of ube (purple yam) jam - from Good Shepherds, no less. And I wanted to do something special with it. Hence, ube cake roll.  Amazing that my roll didn't break! Chemist's hands, what can I say?  And the final product is pink because I couldn't find my box of food colors. So, this is the real deal, folks.

After a few hours of continuous work, I needed a break.  Ah! I've been meaning to put Tamar's foot artwork in a frame. So, here are the before and after photos.

After another four hours of work, it's time to think about dinner. I found luscious and gigantic green peppers at the Asian store when I did the grocery yesterday that I had no choice but to make stuffed peppers tonight. They've been calling to me all day. Tomatoes, ground turkey, rice, cilantro, a little bit of this, plus a pinch of that, and they're set to go! They were so delicious, there's no "after" photo. They were devoured in nanoseconds while still at 375 F.

Finally, to cap the day, a glass of Tempranillo.


  1. Yep. I wish I can do it every week!

  2. Great idea on the lady bug feet! I didnt see any purple yam my way from the parents, was it good?

  3. The purple yam was ok; a bit sweeter than I remember.