Thursday, February 16, 2012

Avoid patent filing catastrophe and the AIA

Here's a great article on how to avoid patent filing mishaps under the new America Invents Act. This is co-written by an expert I personally know. Sometimes I still can't believe how my husband and I have really diverged in paths careerwise, but in many ways converged as well. Strangely, I find myself interacting with plenty of patent chemists and IP lawyers more and more these days. Maybe it's just hip to be patent knowledgeable nowadays too. So, it's good that I know bits and pieces of law stuff which I learned solely through diffusion at home. Anyway, check out the article - it could even be useful to researchers once you get past the jargons.  As for me, I have a Patent 101 class over dinner.

AND... as an addendum, if you want to know how the new patent law can affect your research, read this very informative Viewpoint.

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