Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When size matters

Here's something to deflate a big ego really fast. This fantastic new tool from NASA sure can make you feel small - but not in a bad way, just in the real way. If you're feeling a bit down, this astronomy picture of the day will certainly put things in perspectives, and make you see the bigger picture. Ok, I've thrown in every pun applicable, plus the kitchen sink. Feel free to add a few more.

Moving on to the "How to" guide. Just move up and down through the dimensions of the "observable" universe.  And for great effects, crank up the music, turn off the lights, and start zooming slowly out.... Heaven...

The cartwheel galaxy - one of the many you'll see at http://bit.ly/xaxgcw

A lesson learned from the X-files: the truth is out there. But then again, according to Jack Nicholson, you can't handle the truth. While most folks would be stargazing at this point, and be awed by the wide expanse, here's my question for you: how much smaller do you think Science can go?

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